Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy little girl!

Update from Liza's family to Keely, Liza's foster mom: Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. Liza now weighs in at 38 1/2 lbs of beautiful setter. She had a good time during the holidays with me on break from school and lots of company. My boys got her a stuffed snake with a squeakie at each end that she loved and a friend got her a robin that made real bird noises. She was ecstatic and just like a kid, she had a hard time getting to sleep that night. I think she was convinced that there was a real bird in the house. We just love her more every day. She has had some continuing health issues: a cough that the vet can't seem to diagnose, despite repeated chest X-rays, and a slight limp that has developed over the past month. The vet thinks she has a damaged disc so we're keeping her quiet and resting as much as possible to help it heal. We're taking good care of her and she's such a good girl, really calmed down from her early pacing behavior. She's a joy! Have you had any new foster dogs these days? Liza says hi!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Update on a very sweet little girl!

Liza is doing well. She is running free on the invisible fence with supervision.
She is good with "Come" when you are kneeling down. When you say come while standing she gets scared and waits in one spot.
She is still working on housebreaking, but she has not had any accidents in two days. She loves squeaky toys.
When she arrived at our home she was afraid to eat out of any kind of bowl. She was being hand fed daily. She is now eating out of all bowls with a healthy appetite.
She is a sweet girl, but continues to stalk the cats. She holds a good point when finding a cat.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Liza has been rescued!

One of IBR's dedicated Ohio foster mom's picked this little girl up from the shelter so that she'd be safe! This girl is a little pocket setter---weighing in at 30 lbs only!
Keely reports: " She is just a doll. She stayed in the crate while we were away, but slept in our bedroom last night.
She has been doing fine with the kids, dogs, and cats.
Great companion she just loves to lay at your feet. She does not like to be left behind in a room she follows behind quickly. Just a sweety.
She is a little submissive when she encounters new things, but that is to be expected.
She is a HOOT! She stares at her own reflection in everything. If it is glass she finds it.
She loves to point at the cats, but she has not gotten aggressive with them. She is very birdy!!!
She has made herself at home and loves to give kisses after she settles in. She has even grabbed a piece of my husbands heart. She is special."

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Liza is waiting for YOUR call....

...the call that lets Illinois Birddog Rescue take this little girl into foster care!
Liza Jane is sitting at an Ohio shelter and is waiting for rescue.
Would you consider fostering her, so that she can be safe?
Hurry, as Liza is singing:
Now you've heard my story
You've got to know my name
So why don't you call me!

Yours Truly,

Little Liza Jane